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Lost for words? Let me help you to find the ones YOU need.

Most companies in most areas want to give their customers what they need, the kind of experience they are looking for, don’t they??

Hi, my name is Hilary  Green and I believe my years working in the insurance and publishing industries, plus many more years as a writer, not to mention my years researching both health and insurance matters, has given me a deep understanding of these industries.  Also, being a customer I can see the industry and its needs from both sides, what I and so many others want and expect from our suppliers.

Are you looking for the words to remind your customers what they need? or want?

Are you happy with your newsletters, articles, blogs, etc?

Contact me at if you need someone with the ability to translate your wishes to satisfy your company’s current or future needs.

IF THERE IS SOME content you need, some section of the public you need to reach, but don’t have the words to do so.  If you are looking for a copywriter to help you achieve positive results. Whether your needs are for someone to write your content for newsletters, articles, etc, email me and we can work to help you achieve your goal.

Research is my secondary passion so I can help in that area too.

Words can help everything! Let me give you mine to increase your profile. SO
If you need copywriting or content of any kind, go to my contact page, add your details and we can talk words.
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