Growing Foods for Health

Well, putting my money where my mouth is, I planted all my new veggies this week, and am feeling pretty pleased. Apart from choosing my favourites, I looked online for reputedly healthy veggies. These were recommended for gut health as well as general. Now, needing to keep my hernia and ulcers from re-lifting their annoying results again, I am quite determined to concentrate on those that actually help. Not those that are just fashionable, something that can so easily get us sidetracked.
SO the picture below shows, from top, peas, butter beans (just planted seeds there so they don’t show as yet), Broad beans, cauliflower, Broccoflower, forgot broccoli, will buy some next week to slot in spare patch in the bed, kale, purple capsicum, with chillies and long green capsicum from last season. Don’t know if those last two will grow again this year, but there was definite green on the stems, so thought I’d give them a chance before I throw them away. who knows?
Just checked on a few more things online and next week, will also get Jerusalem artichoke, just checked and I can plant now, Not sure about asparagus, much as I love them, because they take about three years before you can harvest. Still, might put them in a pot so if I move I can take them with me, rather than have to leave them in the ground as I had to do, when I left my last home. Also need cabbage to make sauerkraut as the report says this fermented cabbage is very good too. SO I’ll give it a go, see how we go.
Will start buying pulses as well next shop, thankfully I like chick peas, lentils, etc.
BTW, For any who can see the dark red to the right of the raised bed, they are a small and large cyclamen, brought with me and replanted. They just LOVE it in my back garden and I’m so pleased as the large one I’ve had for over four or five seasons and it just keeps on going on. The small one I’ve only had a couple of seasons, but that seems to really like it here too.
Thanks are due to “The Food Revolution Network” site for much of the following information. I have found it a really excellent site for health research.
“The gut is composed of a whole host of microbes that affect your physiology and keep your body and brain functioning as they should.
As studies tell us, these gut microbes affect the way you store fat, how you balance levels of glucose in your blood, and how you respond to hormones that make you feel hungry or satiated.
The wrong internal mix can set the stage for obesity and other health issues later in life”.
I must say, that after the inconvenience of my own clash with an unhappy gut, I am SO determined to make sure I look after, not just my everyday health, but the health of the one organ system that works for my own health and well-being.
The next thing on my agenda will be returning to cycling after far too many years without. My son has a road/mountain bike he is giving to me, so that I can get back into it again. Luckily my new home area is fairly flat close to home, so that I will be able to pick it up slowly before heading for the hills. We have many cycle tracks here, including some very popular rail trails, adapted from now closed railway tracks. The one I’m really looking forward to taking passes through the local river gorge, which means I will be able to call on a friend, who has a house overlooking the river, without even having to take the car out of the garage.
I will be looking for yummy recipes to make looking after my gut, and every other, health a pleasure and will certainly add a couple or so to to my blog in the future.
So, I really hope this blog has helped you to start looking at your own health – young or old and how to keep yourself and your gut, happy.

New vegetable bed