Meet Hilary A Green…

Keeping the competition and customers informed through regular newsletters is vital for your business to thrive and grow. Researching, writing and producing essential parts of your business can be a challenge that takes manpower, time, often more time than you have to spare.

This is my area of expertise. Through my content, newsletter and writing services I will take care of those details for you. From the initial ideas and requirements for this regular service, through to the finished written newsletter, or article you require this instead. If you want to be heard in your market and keep your growing customer base happy, then let’s talk.

WIth many years in the Travel Insurance and publishing industries I have the ability to write meaningful content for your business. Content that will help retain and even increase, the loyalty of your customers, keep you in touch with those that are very much connected with you. I believe my years in the industry as well as my experience as a CUSTOMER has given me the insight into the market that you need. During those years I satisfied my love of words by writing several novels. I still write reviews for Trip Advisor and  articles on Ezine.

Another love is that of research. Whether online or off and for the craziest things.  Sit me in front of a computer, or in a library where there are more books than even I can read and I will delve into them.

In my down time I am renovating and changing my small small garden into a place in which I can relax and enjoy. Writing for my church in various ways. and even when I’m not actually at my computer, I’m writing in my journal.

But that’s the thing. Words are my passion and finding the right words my delight.

So – do you know what words are you looking for?


Go to my contact page, or email me at give me an idea of what you want and I will get back to you within 48 hours and we can talk about your writing needs.

Hilary A Green

Business owner

    • Copywriter
    • Content writer
    • AWAI verified (American Artists and Writers)
    • PWA member (Professional Writers Association)
    • Twenty Plus years working with words
    • Dedicated Christian
      • Testimonials

April, 2018. Regarding my most recent newsletter, written for my local church.

“Hi Hilary
Well done – it really does help to have the pictures with the text.
Thank you for seeing this need and running with it.

Blessings Lyn and Nigel”

“She’s great at…She is excellent from the written work here. 🙂 !”
from Henning B

This one for a training episode, “I just read your sales letter and am very impressed! You kept my attention and made me wish I was a young parent with a kid so that I could make him into a brainiac, without getting too detailed, (that could take hours) I will venture to say you covered all the bases, hit all the emotions and learned your lessons well. I’m working on my own project at the moment so know what it took to do what you did. Do you have a winner? No question about it”.

Daniel – 16th December