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Dear Fellow Parent,

According to recent reports taken from those published by your country’s Department of Statistics, most students taking online exams recently scored a mere 58% pass rate, while less than 29% reached 70% pass rate. A very worrying result.

Before I go on though, I want to tell you a little story, as I can relate to these statistics on more than the concerned parent level:-

My very much loved father, grew up in an entirely different era from that of today’s parents. One where “Father Knew Best” and made it his pleasure as well as his duty, to do everything for his family. As a result, throughout my childhood (a very happy childhood I might add), to adulthood, I had absolutely no worries, financial or otherwise.

My dad provided everything I needed. Except money of course, as in his eyes, I didn’t need it. If I wanted to buy something, the money was provided. Even when I landed my first job, while I lived at home I still didn’t need money, so handed all my wages over on payday and didn’t pay actual “board”.

I KNOW! try it nowadays and see how far it gets you, but this was then and it never occurred to me to rebel. So naturally, when I grew up and left home, managing my finances was very difficult and it took literally years for me to learn how to live on my income.

For many different reasons today, our children are in a rather similar position,  especially with so many of today’s parents needing to work to make ends meet, having themselves received little or NO financial training for adulthood from the education system.

Financial education that starts at an early age results in the achievement of healthy financial habits – Jeroo Billimoria, Empowering Children through Social and Financial Education. …