How I can help you…

Are you satisfied with the way your business is growing?

Do you have checks in place to see if your communications are actually being read?

How many in your target market are aware of how your company or products can help them?

To keep and grow loyal customers and to inform your target market of your company’s improvements, new products etc., you need your newsletters to be informative, inviting and regular.

In his package, I will help you focus your updated information in a way that makes your competition and customers, new and existing, recognise your company’s innovations and expertise.

To attract more clients , you need to keep both your competition plus existing and new clients regularly informed of your offerings. I can help you to do that.

With in depth questions of your company’s needs and goals.

Regular contact and updates with progress where required.

Consultations when necessary by phone or Skype. With regular email or phone contact. Development of the best formula for attracting recipients to read and absorb the information you are offering.

Follow up email contact to ensure positive outcomes. 

Contact me for your first consultation on the email below. I respond to emails within two business days.

Message me at any time and I will be happy to help.